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If you are thinking about a new addition, renovation or new construction, we know you have many questions. We're here to help. Please call us and we'll set you up an appointment with our Las Vegas General contractor and get you all the answers you need. So call us at 702-832-5031 or e-mail us at  hrbuilders1@gmail.com 

How can I be certain that I'll be treated fairly and professionally? 

You will be treated fairly and professionally as there's a good chance someone has referred you to us as 80% of our Las Vegas General Contractor work is by referrals by others, and we believe that the reason we have such a huge referral rate is we just treat others as we would treat our family and friends. We realize that there are many General contractors in Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas. But we also know that no one will take your project as personally as we will. Our success in the Las Vegas area is purely based on the fact that we want all our customers to be so happy they will go out of there way to send us any customer they can. We understand that you may have heard of General Contractor horror stories in Las Vegas, but we also want you to know that we are the ones that can fix those jobs not create them. We have never had any customer an any bad predicament and we never will. Our customers needs and desires come first every time. If it meets code we can do it. 

Where do we get the products needed for the project?

Some projects will require the purchase of products, such as cabinets, flooring, doors, shower tile, fixtures and etc. Over the years our Metro Las Vegas General Contractor have put together a list of businesses that HR Builders Inc. believe will give you high quality products and will be conscientious of your budget. Many clients ask us to shop with them and we love that. Let us warn you we don't one stop shop. Our General Contractor finds that many customers are relieved that we have done our homework on where to shop and they can jump right in to action.

What is the process throughout the project? 

During the many years our Las Vegas General Contractor has developed a planning and implementation process that has proven successful over and over again. Communication and a detailed contract and production schedule are really the keys here. First; our General Contractor will sit down with you and listen. We want to know what you are thinking, the ideas you have, the things you are concerned about. Then our General Contractor will put a plan that will bring your ideas and needs to a real life solution. Next is the budget and the contract phase. Then the transformation begins. Our crews get to work, doing what we do best. If there are any questions along the way, you can always reach our General contractor and get straight answers quickly. If there are any changes in the project, we update the contract and schedule and keep moving forward. we are with you every step of the way every day.

How soon can you begin my project?  

This is a common question. We are ready to work with you now. We are prepared to begin the work as soon as we agree to the details and a contract is signed. This assures both parties that we are committed to this project together. Once we get started , just sit back and watch the transformation. It will be a very exciting time for both of us.

How much will my project cost?

The cost of your project should never be a gray area. We all live by a budget. When we meet witch could require a few meetings we will create a project plan that will detail what every aspect of the project will cost. Communication is the real key when it comes to the budget of the project. We need to understand your expectations and your vision for the end result and we will work together to accomplished your dream.

How do we pay you?

Payments must be made at various points during the project. These payments are spelled out clearly in the contract, so that there are no surprises. Many of our customers get home equity lines of credit or pay by check. We also can offer advice on how to finance your project.

What kind of crews do you use?

We only use what HR Builders Inc. believes to be the best for our clients. We are perfectionist and take responsibility for every job from that small painting job to a full blown construction, and want nothing more than getting the project done to our clients satisfaction. Your standards are high and so is ours. In addition, you should know that our company HR Builders Inc. are licensed, insured and bonded and meet all requirements to be your Las Vegas General Contractor as required by the Nevada Contractors Board. You have no worries when you use us as your General Contractor.

    License #0055170 Insured/Bonded


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