Questions you should ask moving companies before you hire them. 

​A. Is your moving company in Las Vegas licensed? Keep in mind that movers in Las Vegas must be licensed through multiple agencies. This means the city they work in, The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), And the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT).

Once you know they are a licensed Las Vegas movers just make sure you feel it's the right company with the right price. 

B. Understand what the moving company is liable for. This means you should know what are they covering if they break something, and what is the procedure to deal with such an event. 

All Las Vegas movers are required to provide basic liability coverage by law at no cost to you. This coverage insures your property for $0.30 per pound for intrastate and $0.60 per pound for interstate moves. Keep in mind that if you're moving interstate for example, and something breaks that weighs 25 pounds you'll only get $15. So make sure to ask what policy is available for purchase if you'd like something with better coverage. Most Las Vegas movers do have them available. 

​C. Does their moving company in Las Vegas offer everything you would need? Most Las Vegas moving companies do offer packing, furniture assembly, boxes, supplies, and local and long distance moves. And in some cases if they use a third party to help with the process make sure you understand who they are.

​D. Are there any hidden fees that might come up do to any circumstance? If the Las Vegas movers are honest they will tell you what might not be seen that could raise the price of the move. This is why you should always read all the details before hiring any Las Vegas moving companies

​E. How binding is the estimate you're getting from the movers? Many Las Vegas movers will give you an estimate at no cost but if the estimate is not well binding it could be useless. Make sure all of the moving companies come to your home to give you an estimate. This way they couldn't say you had more than they thought you do. 

​F. How accurate is the date of the delivery? To many times we hear that a moving company have not delivered on time as promised. In most cases even if you hired a moving company to move your personal belongings across country they should have it within 48 hours unless an unusual circumstance has occurred like unforeseen weather. 

​G. Does the Las Vegas movers have employees with clean background checks? In Las Vegas moving companies need to have employees with clean background checks as well as drivers that have been authorized to be hired as drivers by the state division. 

What else might I wont to know about the industry of movers in Las Vegas. 

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