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the more square foot for the money design 



1. Room addition will add value to your home in most cases 

2. In most cases it's more affordable to add a room than to move to a new home. (real estate commission, price of a new home, upgrades ext. 

3. You get to stay in the home you already love 


1. All our clients meet our General contractor before you ever see a contract.

2. We realize that having construction done at your home is already inconvenient so we go out of our way to do everything around our customers schedule. 

3. All work by HR Builders Inc. has a warranty, like- Framing, plumbing, roofing, electrical, foundation ext. 

4. Changes during construction is welcomed. We realize that sometimes we can make a happy client even happier so we do our best  to make changes as long as it's possible.

In some cases changes will cost more, but as long as the changes are permitted by code an the budget will allow we're ready and willing.

Building a room addition is an expensive proposition. Home remodeling contractors typically specify room addition costs in dollars per square foot to provide a rough order of magnitude cost estimate. But HR Builders Inc, does not work like that at all. The first thing our General Contractor does is figure out the over all expense of the project as we don't nickle and dime you with every aspect of the room addition. Room addition cost can estimates over 30-50% higher on a cost per square foot basis then building a new home, due to the fact that a room addition typically is more complicated to build for most contractors. A room addition for HR Builders is simply no big deal we do room additions again and again so our experience is where you get a cost reduction as we have just about everything lined up for what we need to cut cost without giving any quality.