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Things I should know before getting my solar energy

installed on my Home in Boca Raton Florida. 

​So your thinking for getting solar energy on your home in Boca Raton Florida. That's great but what are the questions I should ask before making my solar energy in Boca Raton Florida?

​One of  the first things you should ask before the installation for you solar energy system in Boca Raton Florida is will it effect my wind mitigation report? This question is very important as your home insurance can literally cost you double if you can't get a good wind mitigation report. In most cases it shouldn't but if you don't ask you could find yourself wondering why did you get solar energy power in Boca Raton if the savings went to other directions like the cost of insurance. 

Can my roof support the additional weight of the solar energy system? When asking this question it should trigger the solar energy company in Boca Raton to check the condition of your roof if they haven't done so already. Solar energy panels can weigh more than 2.4 pounds per square foot. This weight can add up and cause issues if you roof is in bad shape. Keep in mind that some Boca Raton solar energy companies are also licensed to install a new roof, allowing you to have one company responsible for both products and warranty. That could be a good thing! 

Can solar energy panels damage your roof? When installing solar energy panels on your roof some of the the roof tiles could be damaged. And lets face it having guys on your roof walking around is like walking on eggshells. But the good news is that most companies that do solar energy in Boca Raton Florida will tell you that when they're done installing your solar energy system everything will be corrected. But make sure you address it before signing any contract or proceed with the solar energy installation before doing so.

What happens if my home needs a new roof at a later time? If you need to replace your roof after you had your solar energy system installed, you'll need to have the solar energy system removed and reinstalled. This does circle back to what we talked about earlier as your roof should be inspected thoroughly by the solar energy company you hired. But keep in mind when solar energy is installed in places like Boca Raton Florida you will need to replace the roof or have roof repair at some point. 

Will the solar energy panels be secure for severe weather  conditions? In most cases the answer would be Yes, as your solar energy system will be secured for severe weather. Solar energy panels are designed and installed to withstand certain amount of wind pressure. But keep in mind that most solar panels are designed to deal with winds of 80 to 110 mph. Ask your home insurance agent if they cover solar panel damages or sell additional insurance for that coverage.

Solar energy Boca Raton Florida for solar energy in Boca Raton.

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