​​​As a Las Vegas General Contractor we have many companies that we need for accessories. 

And as you can imagine when building a room addition for example there's so much more than meets the eye. 

And some of those things are Window Blinds, Doors and Window for example. 

The Las Vegas Door company we use is Avanti Doors of Las Vegas. There always on time

and the quality is always as promised. Avanti has many options in colors and styles that

would make any project look good. And the one thing we have learned is if they don't have

it they can get it. And in most cases in just a few days.  Avanti Door Website link

The Window Covering we recommend and use for window blinds is SunOff Blinds Las Vegas also known as SunOff Blinds and Solar Screens of Las Vegas. Ben the service manager has done an amazing job and has continually provided us with flawless Las Vegas Blinds service. Their company is the highest rated in Las Vegas for Window Blinds service and Blinds installation. Bellow you will find their company links showing everything from their website to their company ratings. 

                          SunOff Window Blinds Las Vegas website  -  Las Vegas Blinds Facebook Page 

     YELP Las Vegas Blinds ratings  -  Award Winning Las Vegas Blinds service  -  Top Rated Blinds Las Vegas by DP 

YP Las Vegas Blinds and Window Blinds  -  Blinds Las Vegas instagram  -  Other customers Recommendations c1  c2  c3  c4  

                               Las Vegas window blinds manufacture - Window Blinds Las Vegas top rated dealer - 2016 top rated Window Blinds companies

Sun Off Blinds also has a window shutters Las Vegas service this Shutters Las Vegas division is called Sun Off Shutters of Las Vegas. their Shutters Las Vegas company offers Canadian ​Shutters, Basswood Shutters, Teak Shutters and Vinyl Shutters

Sun Off Shutters Las Vegas services are the highest rated by YELP, DP Las Vegas Business Directory, and CASA BLINDS & SHUTTERS

Here are some more links that show SUN OFF SHUTTERS LAS VEGAS customer service ​

​links; 1st Shutters Las Vegas 2nd shutters Las Vegas 3rd Shutters Las Vegas 4th Shutters Las Vegas 5th Shutters Las Vegas 6th Shutters Las Vegas 

For more on Las Vegas window shutters see our shutters information page link = link here 

​The company we use the most for windows is Paramount Glass & Mirror Las Vegas Glass Shop. Their window service is great and they have great ratings as well and can offer just about anything you need when it comes to window glass and you'll never find yourself lokking else where Website link.  paramountglasslv.com  

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